3d Snake Couple Pop Card


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Size : 22cm * 16cm

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  • The gray cover of this birthday card features an intriguing image of twin snakes coiled around each other.
  • Open this snake card and a hypnotic sight beholds you. An ornate serpent appears to be slithering around itself.
  • Its delicate body flows in an infinity pattern on all sides to create this optical illusion. This snake approaches its tail similarly like the symbol of the ouroboros. Swirls of hissing snakes embellish two of the inside corners of the card.
  • Snake Pop Up Birthday Card entices you with a hypnotic sight of a serpent slithering around itself. This ornate snake is a symbol of wholeness and renewal.


High Quality Imported Paper Card

         Package Includes:

One pop card, One Blank Envelop, One Transparent Plastic Envelop


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 cm

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